Kaluga Hybrid Reserve - Subscription

The royal union of the Kaluga and Amur sturgeons makes for an exceptional caviar, celebrated the world over for its beautifully balanced flavor.

A visual stunner, the Kaluga Hybrid Reserve has a deep and shimmery jade-like coloring and is known for its distinct, bold flavor. The palate gets an initial rush of floral and fruity notes, followed by that inimitable burst with each individual grain.
  • Flavor: Bold, floral, fruity, and balanced with a firm texture
  • Size: Large
  • Most Common Color: Dark amber with flecks of jade
  • Species: Huso Dauricus/Acipenser Shrenckii
  • Common Name: Kaluga Huso Hybrid or River Beluga
  • Shelf Life: Four weeks refrigerated
  • Shipping: Perishable – ships Overnight with Stay-Fresh™ packing