Sevruga Reserve

Caviar connoisseurs rave about our Sevruga Reserve caviar. While this classic roe is smaller than some varieties, its clean flavor makes it a versatile caviar option. We are proud to offer luxurious Reserve Caviar Grade Sevruga for a balanced, refined taste and fresh finish.

Each buttery egg of our Sevruga Reserve caviar will delight the palate for a premium culinary experience. If you enjoy caviar but find varieties such as Ossetra too strong or salty for your liking, Sevruga is the perfect alternative. This luxurious caviar combines a smooth, buttery texture with a hint of salt for a classic caviar experience without an overwhelming or lingering oceanic finish.

Use sevruga caviar to enhance dishes' appearance and flavor profile, such as clams with lemon cream or cauliflower soup.

Sevruga caviar features the following characteristics:

  • Flavor: A pleasing and delicate balance between clean and creamy 
  • Size: Medium
  • Coloring: Grey-brown
  • Species: Acipenser Baerii
  • Common name: Sevruga sturgeon 

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We package all containers to order to ensure they remain at peak freshness throughout transportation. We also offer overnight shipping to help you enjoy your delicious caviar sooner. 

An unopened and refrigerated container of our Sevruga Reserve caviar will stay fresh for up to three weeks. To experience optimal flavor and texture, we recommend enjoying your caviar within one week of purchase. Enjoy your caviar within 48 hours of opening the container. 

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