Mixed Caviar - Subscription

Love both our Kaluga Hybrid Reserve and our Royal Ossetra? Enjoy endless tastings, food pairings and fun with our mixed caviar subscription. In this bundle, you'll receive both Kaluga Hybrid Reserve and Royal Ossetra in your order.  

Kaluga Hybrid Reserve:

The royal union of the Kaluga and Amur sturgeons makes for an exceptional caviar, celebrated the world over for its beautifully balanced flavor.

A visual stunner, the Kaluga Hybrid Reserve has a deep and shimmery jade-like coloring and is known for its distinct, bold flavor. The palate gets an initial rush of floral and fruity notes, followed by that inimitable burst with each individual grain.
  • Flavor: Bold, floral, fruity, and balanced with a firm texture
  • Size: Large
  • Most Common Color: Dark amber with flecks of jade
  • Species: Huso Dauricus/Acipenser Shrenckii
  • Common Name: Kaluga Huso Hybrid or River Beluga

Royal Ossetra:

Ossetra has long been hailed as one of the most coveted varieties of caviar since it was originally found in the Caspian Sea. Ossetra sturgeon fishlings (otherwise known as the Acipenser Guldenstadtii) have since been relocated to aquaculture farms where they’re now sustainably raised and farmed.

These delightfully firm roe are best known for their nutty flavor and dark color—ranging from black to dark brown with flecks of gold and even white. The pleasing pop and rich, bold sea flavors hold up beautifully to a variety of foods, including heavy creams, sauces, and meat dishes. This culinary versatility gives it universal appeal and makes it one of the most popular caviars in the world today.

  • Flavor: Nutty and briny with firm beads
  • Size: Large
  • Most Common Color: Black to dark brown with hints of golden brown
  • Species: Acipenser Guldenstadtii
  • Common Name: Ossetra Sturgeon

    Shelf Life: Four weeks refrigerated
    Shipping: Perishable – ships Overnight with Stay-Fresh™ packing